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Sponge Adhesive
Sponge Adhesive
Sponge Adhesive
Sponge Adhesive
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Specification of Sponge Adhesive

Thickness: 2mm To 10mm, Width 10mm Up to 20mm, length 1 Roll 10 Mtr

Automotive Rubber products are neoprene closed cell sponge. It is mainly used as a pillow and masking tape to air and moisture. It can also be used as a dust seal for furniture, store fixtures and partitions, sound insulation, padding, expansion joints of precast concrete and steel, vapor barrier for prefab buildings, HVAC & refrigeration, automotive. It is also a very good door seals for the truck and bus bodies, offload equipment and transformer cabinets. Perhaps no tolerance to +/- 3/8 "dimension of the product.

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