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rubber elastomer bearing pad
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Specification of rubber elastomer bearing pad

rubber elastomer bearing pad
rubber elastomer bearing pad / rubber bridge bearing is to accommodate or accept the load of the movement caused by the shear deformation and also the rotation deformation on the bridge structure. Elastomeric Bearing Pads / rubber bridge pads provide a sizable budget savings solution because in addition to its ability to overcome problems in movement of structure, longitudinal, transversal, small rotation, and isolate vibration, rubber products bearing is also very easy to install and relatively does not require maintenance during his tenure.

rubber elastomer bearing pad

rubber elastomer bearing pad or can be called rubber bridge pads consisting of a number of layers of rubber separated by steel plate and sometimes there are also made of rubber intact. Saint Rubber has experienced and ready to produce elastomeric bearing pads / rubber pads of this bridge. This bridge bearing rubber product is generally produced by using neoprene elastomer raw material, but we also can produce according to customer order using other kind of raw materials like natural rubber but still refers to the standard that has been determined and all our products have passed the quality testing process strict to produce the right product with the highest quality possible.

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