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PVC Conveyor Belt
PVC Conveyor Belt
PVC Conveyor Belt
PVC Conveyor Belt
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Specification of PVC Conveyor Belt

PVC conveyor belts have applications in different industries such as fish, fruit and vegetable processing, cakes, glass and insulation, biscuit making, pharmaceuticals, automotive industry, packaging and baggage handling industries and other industries.
Our PVC conveyor belt products have longer durability with the best price. Good product quality makes us as the leading specialist and distributor in Indonesia especially Jakarta. We provide various types of PVC conveyor belts which are used in various industries.

Belt conveyor is widely used in various industries to move goods from one position to another. In modern industrialization, PVC conveyor belt has become an indispensable part of the industrial set up.
Various types of PVC conveyor belts are available to meet the different needs of various industries. Some types have allotment for light and heavy duty tasks.
PVC conveyor belt is made of different raw materials as per requirement like cotton, nylon, polyester and glass fiber. Usually available in various color choices, there are white, green, black or other colors.

Advantages of using PVC conveyor belt:
1. Low operating costs.
2. Easy maintenance and long life.
3. Mostly resistant to oil and other chemicals.
4. A special design to provide a firm grip on a hill.
5. Save energy because it is light and thin.

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