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Specification of Glue Conveyor Rubber industries .

How to Connect Belt Conveyor with Gluing System

Belt conveyor is heavy equipment used as material carrier such as rocks, pebbles, sand, etc. Belt Conveyor consists of chassis conveyor, roll bracket, roll, roll drum, and rubber belt. using a 3 phase motor as a crusher. The pull load received by the belt is very large therefore the belt connection must be strong.

Excess sizing system:

1. Strong ties

2. More neat

3. The cost is not too expensive

Here's how:

1. Cut out the rubber belt. The length of the cut is 35cm - 45cm for the connection. The tip is tilted to allow the surface area to become wider. The greater the surface of the gluing the better.

2. Peel rubber belt for gluing. Both sides are peeled meet when connected.

3. Grinders use sandstone grinding stones to clean fiber belt layer. Be careful not to tear the fabric fibers. Then clean the surface of the grinding dust.

4. Gluing process. Prepare the glue and hardener. Here I use REMA TOP TIP SC2000. Pour in one container with the right dosage. Stir well.

5. Pour and apply evenly on the surface of the belt that has been cleaned. Two coatings were performed. The first layer must be completely dry. Wait for about an hour (ideally 10 hours) before the second coating. The second layer is the attaching layer. For the second layer just wait about 3-6 minutes or if it is felt touched layer does not imprint on the finger. Paste both ends of the belt. For attaching both ends of the belt, the second layer of gluing should not be too dry because the belt will not stick. If it is already dried can be done again coating. After sticking, at the time of the connection use a hammer or press using a roll to make the connection really stick.

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