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Red Silicon Rubber
Red Silicon Rubber
Red Silicon Rubber
Red Silicon Rubber
Red Silicon Rubber
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Specification of Red Silicon Rubber

The red silicone sheet is made of premium silicone type 60-Duro Silicon. It has good resistance to heat, weathering, ozone, chemicals, and ultraviolet light. Red silicon is also non-toxic and has high flexibility with non-volatile structural properties due to extreme temperatures.

The red silicone sheet already meets the requirements of the food health inspection agency and obtains FDA 21 CFR no. 177.2600, allowing its use in the food processing industry especially those using elements of vegetable oils / fats, hot water, milk, weak acids and alkalis.

Available in various sizes. Serving size, shape, and color to order. Length per 10 meter roll

Product description:
- Red
- Temperature -60 degrees Celsius to above 230 degrees Celsius (continuous), above 250 degrees Celsius (random, or periodic)
- Tensile strength of 5.5 MPa (min)
- Expansion 250% (min)
- Specific gravity 1.30 g / cm</s>
- Hardness 60˚ + 5˚ Shore A
- Maximum pressure 10 Bar
- Silicon Polymer R089
- Specific weight 1.28 g / cm
- Spread force of 5.5 MPa (min)
- Compression Set (24 hours @ 150C) 30% (max)
- Thermal Conductivity 0.24 W.m-1 .K-1

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