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Neoprene Rubber
Neoprene Rubber
Neoprene Rubber
Neoprene Rubber
Neoprene Rubber
Neoprene Rubber
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Neoprene Resistant To Solar Degradation, Ozone And Weather As Well As Keep Up The Good Work When In Contact With Oils And Chemicals. Strung On Each Temperature Width, Neoprene Was Able To Maintain His Strength, Kelenturannya, Puntirnya And Kemulurannya Power.

Product Description

-Neoprene Sheets Made Of Rubber Synthesis Which Formed When Chloprene Experiencing Polymerization.

-Available with the addition of sheets of Fabric (1Ply-2Ply) Amplifier

Application Recommendations

-Very Good Used In Coating Or Manufacturing Of The Components That Come Into Contact With Oils, Alkalis Or Acids At High Temperature Such As: Pipe, Tank Grade Oil, Chemical Transport Tanks, Gaskets, Seals, Pulley, Drum Roller Carry, Return Rollers.

-The Addition Of Excellent Cotton Fabric Used For The Application That Is Associated With The Voltage As Gasketing And Doafragma. The Addition Of Fabric Fabric Suitable For Applications Requiring Strength Torn Ekstirm



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